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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Where the Wild Things Art-Show

About The Show
Illiterate's debut exhibit, Where The Wild Things Art, is a themed show originally proposed to Illiterate by artist, Max Kauffman. The theme resonates as both playfully simple and open to subtle complexities, much like Illiterate.

Max, whose name happens to coincide with the protagonist in Maurice Sendak's book Where The Wild Things Are, worked in conjunction with the Illiterate staff to corral 30 ferociously talented artists from throughout Colorado and beyond to participate in this group exploration. With a title as their sole conceptual limitation, the artists were free to explore their own paths towards interpreting this challenge. A number of artists drew inspiration directly from Sendak's book and film, pushing and playing with its underlying dark moral tones and psychological angst.  Other artists traveled well beyond the familiar imagery to create landscapes inhabited by more personal fantasies and creatures from within their own rampant imaginations. Still, some artists completely forwent this particular narrative approach, evaluating the meaning of the words themselves within the title to inform their work.

Where The Wild Things Artists:

THINKMULE, Adam Reker, Alicia Ordal, Allie Pohl, Andi Todaro, Andrew Hoffman, Brittany Gould, Chris Huth, David Sheets, Deadly Daisy, Delton, Gumby, Ian Millard, Karen Watkins, Katherine Rutter, Markham Maes, Matt Doubek, Matt Furie, Max Kauffman, Mike Gallegos, Mike Graves, Milton Milvon Croissant III, Moeh, Rachel Paton, Sander Lindeke, Sandi Callistro,Scot Lefavor,  Whitney Wells, Yancy Crawford and more...

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