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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Primitive Folk Art Eagle

This wonderful piece of Primitive Folk Art was found at a local estate sale.  This piece is an Eagle, hand carved out of wood and decorated in raised polychrome designs, gilded in gold, inlaid glass pieces, painted over in dark yellow, green and a cream colors.  It measures 10" tall, 12 3/4" wide at the bottom, 1" deep on the body and 1/4" deep on the wings and tail.  The body of the eagle is carved from one piece of wood, and the wings and and tail are crudely carved separate pieces of wood, attached by nails.   There is also a piece of wire attached by nails to hang the eagle.  The wire hanger was painted gold at one time but most has worn away.. The finish on the back appears to be a dark reddish brown paint, that has become dirty over time.  The wing on the left back side, in photo # 7, appears to have been broken at one time and glued back together.  This may have been separate pieces of wood that were glued together, came undone and were re glued by someone later. This area still has some weakness to it but I will leave that to the winning bidder to reinforce.  Some small pieces of the raised designs may be missing on the front, but I can't tell if that is the case, or if it was made that way.  The paint and gilding over time has aged and has a warm patina to it.  The photos do not show the true beauty of it.  This piece is a wonderful part of our Folk Art history and guaranteed to be authentic, so don't let it get away.  Please email with questions and I will be happy to respond as promptly as my schedule allows.

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