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Friday, April 1, 2011


Titled, Crawlspace, Colorado artists, Jeremy Pruitt (THINKMULE™) and Melanie Pruitt (Deadly Daisy) will be showing April 1st through April 29th at The Black Book Gallery. For their first show at Black Book Gallery, Jeremy will be exhibiting a new round of his wooden art creations and Melanie, a fresh set of her elaborate ink drawings.

“Crawlspace” refers to the shallow areas beneath floors, within walls, in an attic or loft that allow greater access. This access is usually only available by crawling through narrow and confining spaces. As the concept relates to the art, Jeremy says “It is the area where people find the need to examine what we have created and work to discover what we have uncovered for them to see. Sometimes simple, sometimes buried. Bringing the darkness to the light.”

The pair often work together on exhibiting artwork, whether it be curating others’ work or showing their own. Both are originally from the Midwest region and in true anthropological style, have been commonly preoccupied with observation and human history from a young time. Personalities are a big emphasis in their artworks.

Using repetitive motion and a fixation on certain line patterns, the result of Melanie’s concentration ends in highly detailed drawings depicting subjects entrenched in their own background. While facial expressions are marked, the narrowing and widening of ink lines is what gives the pieces their distinct character and shading.

THINKMULE™ balances the intricacies of Melanie’s work well with a collection of primitive-style wooden sculptures. Carrying a heavy brut folk influence, previous utility objects are transformed into animated pieces of art. There is a sense of history and character not unlike rummaging through a street sale, antique store or vintage bazaar. Every old (or new) detail seems so cool. THINKMULE™ will be combining ten sculptural pieces with additional large wood cutouts on display for his part of the show.

"Crawlspace" April 1st - April 30th at Black Book Gallery

If you can’t make the opening reception make sure you visit us during business hours. We will also have receptions on April 12th & April 18th…Stay tuned for more information

Black Book Gallery
555 Santa Fe Dr
Denver, CO

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