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Monday, March 29, 2010

THINKMULE™ Furniture.

Started to make some furniture based on my art. This is the first thing I have made. Coffee table for our living room. 19x54 mixed media on wood. Hairpin legs.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Hairpin Legs by Ian Maclean

Recently bought some hair pin legs for a coffee table I am building. They are really nice and well made,  should be perfect for upcoming projects. One more coat of poly on the table and should be ready to screw them on. 

Jim Tierney

Illustration and design.

101 Alphabets

101 Alphabets by W. Ben. Hunt and Ed. C. Hunt

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Eames Fonts from House Industries

Eames Century Modern is a typographic workhorse that honors the Eames aesthetic while offering unprecedented functionality. An eighteen-style serif typeface family strikes an unprecedented balance between distinctive idiosyncrasies, readability and space economy. Its 18 styles include gracefully complementary italics and a virtually endless supply of deep text handling features. Carefully-weighted small caps, nine different figure styles, ligatures, contextual alternate forms and thousands of lines of computer code give Eames Century Modern a significant edge in contemporary design environments. A stencil font on the heaviest weight of Eames Century Modern takes the curvature of bent plywood and abstracts the shapes into type.

Eric Mecum

Realistic sign paintings. 

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Preserve is on going project to produce a permanent visual record of hand painted building signage. Many of these are being erased from our cityscapes either being worn away by weather over time, covered as buildings have been repainted, disappearing as buildings are demolished or replaced with modern signage equivalents. This site will be updated regularly with my latest images from New Zealand and Australia and you are invited to contribute to this work also.

New Bohemia Signs

From NBS: elcome to New Bohemia Signs. We are designers and sign writers who appreciate the art of a good looking hand-painted sign. Our work can be seen all over San Francisco, please take a look at our portfolio and flickr set. You'll be surprised at what you recognize. An attractive sign is much more likely to draw customers into your business and beautify your neighborhood at the same time. New Bohemia has been hand-painting signs since 1993.


Story and some works of Lester Beall.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


  A Herman Miller Textiles & Objects book of compiled photographs taken by Charles Eames, which was hand-made by Elaine Jones who handled public relations for T&O, contains images of the short-lived Textiles & Objects Shop in New York City. Textiles & Objects Shop was a Herman Miller store that showcased Alexander Girard fabrics, as well as objects Girard found on his international travels.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Custom Creature Taxidermy

Artist and naturalist Sarina Brewer recycles the natural into the unnatural, breathing new life into the animals she resurrects. While earning her BFA in 1992 from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, she worked predominantly with oil paint and found objects, most of which were animal remains. Preparing animal remains for use in her sculpture and abstract paintings slowly evolved into taxidermy over the course of a decade. Brewer is now a licensed taxidermist as well as a prolific artist. She volunteers her skills in the biology department of the Science Museum of Minnesota and is also engaged in various natural history related projects for other educational institutions and museums. She is a strong proponent of wildlife conservation who also participates in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

World of Playing Cards

Via WOPC: You can explore about playing cards, their long history, and see many different types and styles of cards from around the world. Some are educational, others are political. You will discover something interesting here... from what the earliest playing cards looked like to how to make your own hand-made pack or buy an unusual deck to add to your collection.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Penrose Annual

The Penrose Annual was a showcase of printing and the graphics arts published between 1895 and 1982. Volume 52 (1958) is an extraordinary demonstration of craftmanship—and showmanship! Various examples of specialty printing techniques and paper stocks were submitted by printers from around the world throughout the year, and then bound in the annual. Newspaper samples, tipped-in illustrations, foldouts, inserts, spot colours... the Penrose is perhaps the single most inspiring example of graphic design and printing exuberance that I have seen in a long time—even if it is fifty years old!

Friday, March 12, 2010

G40-Art Whino Art SHow

Show I am in this weekend.

Art Whino teams up with Crystal City BID and Vornado to present G-40: The Summit, a month long exhibition and event series featuring over 500 artists from around the world.
The mission of G40: The Summit is to bring the leaders of the New Brow genre together in Crystal City, VA in an effort to explore, discuss and grow this movement. G-40: The Summit will be a culmination of ideas and processes, brought together and highlighted by region and style, creating, for the first time, a full cross examination of this genre.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tribo Leftover

Triboro Leftovers is a compilation of unpublished type treatments, photos, sketches, illustrations and logo explorations that we have created over the years. Rather than allow these to remain lost on our hard drives we decided to set them free. We mashed together elements from hundreds of different projects—and in the process—deliberately stripped the elements of their original context and meaning. The results are visual remixes which stand on their own.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

LIFE: Boxcar Logos

Great set of boxcar logos by LIFE magazine.

Herod Temple

Alec Garrard, 78, a retired farmer has spent more than 30 years building an enormous scale model of Herod’s temple. And get this – it’s still unfinished!